Easier To Crush

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So, apparently I'm not up on all the cool blogy type of stuff. I just discovered Blog Lovin'! I know, right? It's a little embarrassing. I've been getting all the blogs I subscribe to in my email and it's getting a little cray cray up in there.

I'm going to have to follow them all on Blog Lovin' now! That will keep them all neat, nice, and orderly. Just how a square such as myself likes them. You can follow any blog, just search for it at Blog Lovin'. To make it easy to follow Produce On Parade, I've installed a follow me button link at the top of the post!

Pretty cool, huh? If you have a blog or if you're just a blog fan, are there any neat apps or widgets that you find interesting or helpful? I had one reader tell me it would be neat to have a map of my readers. I thought that would be pretty cool, but I'm still looking for that one!

Cheers! Happy Hump Day!

A New Do! Also, I Killed Someone...

Yep, that's right! Produce On Parade's got a new do. How do you like it? Let me know what you think and if anything seems amiss, etc. I bet you didn't know I was an are-teest did you?? Okay, if you grew up with me then maybe you know that I may, somewhat involve myself in painting/sketching/metalsmithing and other artsy fartsy stuff. I painted the watercolours for our new little design and Todd got them up on the blog! Obviously, the rest of the night was spent with me crooning, "I need you and you need me, because without each other our blog would cease to beeeee!" ...there are several more renditions, but I will spare you.

By the way, heads up West Coasters...I killed Cal Worthington. "Pussycow, pussycow, pussycow." What? No, that's not right? Oh, it's "Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal." Yes, that Cal WorthingtonOh lord, it's true you know. Yes. Last night Todd and I were smokin' and jokin' and I realized how old Cal was (and how obnoxious his commercials are) and I may have said something awful like, "Seriously, how is it that the man is still alive??" Well, Todd told me this morning, that yesterday Mr. Worthington had died. WFT! I spoke it and it happened. I'm a murderer! Though, let's be real, he was 92.

May Cal Worthington rest in peace. Which he should...since he doesn't have to watch his commercials anymore...

I'm going to hell. How do you like the new blog design???