Guess Who Got A Cat!?

Look, we got a cat named Goldie!  Produce On Parade

Okay... April Fools. We didn't get a cat companion. Sad face. 

However, my birthday is in two weeks time and you can bet your sweet ass that I'm doing my very best work to try to convince Todd that we need a companion of the feline variety. Fine, fine...let's be real, I've been trying to adopt another animal for quite some time. I'm not even picky! I told Todd a cat, dog, rabbit, goat, or even a hedgehog would be just fine. When my birthday rolls around though, I like to put on extra special pressure. 

Today Todd texted me...

Todd: What do you want for your birthday, non-animal related? Me: Cat.  Todd: No.  Me: Goat. Todd: No, did you read above??

Disregarding the limitations of my future birthday present...I settled on this little one. The rescue says:

"Goldie is a darling little golden girl. She is super soft and super lovable.

Goldie has endured much in the past couple of months. Found freezing with her collar embedded in the skin under her left arm, she was taken in and given veterinary care. As a result of frostbite, she lost most of both of her ears and will likely lose most of her tail in the coming weeks. She is healing well and enjoys resting as well as a good stroll around the yard.  She just has these endearing qualities about her that make her irresistible! She has even taken to hide and seek! She β€œambushes” you from someplace like behind the toilet:) to get the game started and, when found, she scoots out and runs to another hiding place. It is hilarious and the look on her face says β€œkeep the fun coming.”  She is good with dogs and other cats.

Goldie is a special kitty who deserves a safe and comfortable home where she can enjoy life!"

God, isn't that awful! Breaks my little heart to pieces. So, give me all your tips to help me talk Todd into giving the a-okay on this little girl. She needs to come home with us and be Bailey's little sister! 

I suspect the outcome will be the same as my last endeavor. Remember when I tried to convince Todd that we should adopt Oreo? I'll never give up, you guys!