Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.
— Maya Angelou
Produce On Parade


I'm Katie, the photographer, recipe-developer, artist, mammographer, and host of this blog. I am also the author of the cookbook, Pure & Beautiful Vegan Cooking, published in April 2016 by Page Street Publishing, a division of MacMillan.

I'm married to my ever-loving husband, Todd, and we have a wee boy, Oliver. Stick around and you'll see a lot of our two rescue pups, Bailey and Anouk as well. Our little family lives happily in Alaska where I was born and raised.

Meet all of us below and find out how and why we became vegan in Alaska.



Love of our lives. Oliver was born in February 2017. He's a snuggly little fella who has a insatiable need to always be outside. He started out in the 2nd percentile in height and now is in the 99th! Making up for lost time, everyday, he keeps us on our toes. His wide smile and joyful chatter fills our home and hearts.



Moved up from Ohio after the lure of the renown, amazing Alaskan women. He found one and ending up staying in the Last Frontier. He's a digital media/UX designer and is currently freelancing while excelling at the hardest job in the world: Stay At Home Poppa. Check out his work @henrymediaco



A rescue from the last cell, down a long and sad hallway in our local animal shelter. He was the only puppy that remained after my third visit one sunny week in July. I thought one week was much too long to be left in a shelter, so I brought him home with me.



A pint-sized rescue from the a village where dogs are not treated very friendly. He was found following children home from school and sleeping under their porch in below freezing temps. Once squinty-eyed and scared, he's now a bright-eyed, happy ball of energy!



My mission is to help inspire people to lead kinder lives; lives with less impact on the planet and healthier lives. To hopefully make you laugh and include you in on our crazy Alaskan adventures. And whether you're a vegan, vegetarian or an omnivore, our recipes are sure to be a hit and maybe you'll even find some inspiration to cut back on animal products and lead a healthier, more peaceful life. Always good right? Yes.

We are vegan. Eeek! Scary, I know. But it doesn't have to be, and that is the premise of this blog! That and our Alaskan adventures of course, which we'd love for you to join us in. We started out on our vegan adventure in April 2013 due firstly to combat Todd’s rheumatoid arthritis and secondly, to the knowledge that came from the relentless research of a vegan diet due to said health issues. However, most influential was the discovery of how animals are abused by the food industry and the impact our diet has on the planet.

Respecting all living creatures and recognizing their rights and welfare is tremendously important. As is the welfare of ourselves! I share the belief that animals are not ours to exploit. They lead their own lives and I only want to help care for them, not destroy them. In addition, eating a plant based diet will most likely vastly improve anyone's health. Still not sure about a plant-based diet? Check out all the benefits from non-biased, scientific research here.

If we want to help fight climate change in the biggest way possible we need to cut back on meat consumption. Going vegan is the single biggest thing we can do to have save our planet. The world must turn towards healthy plant-based diets to stop climate change, a UN-backed report has warned.

I started blogging after peer pressure from Todd for several years. I've always loved to cook and explore the culinary world, sharing my recipes with friends and family. However, I never really felt that I had a good reason to blog and I was never, ever able to keep a journal, despite my efforts. When we started out on our vegan journey, it was a big dietary change for Todd and this blog began as a way to cope and also to share great vegan recipes. 

Produce On Parade


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I hope you find the strength to make changes in your life that better yourself, the world, and all Earth's creatures. Thank you so much for stopping by!