Happy Things
Sweet soul, you have done more than you give yourself credit for, you are far more beautiful than you make out, you have your past moments that could have destroyed you and your future shines brighter than you realise. Celebrate yourself in this moment. This world is fortunate to have you.
— S.C Lourie

- I quite coffee...kinda (not decaf). It was beyond life-changing for me. If you are sensitive to stimuli, easily overwhelmed and anxious, have essential tremors, etc...switching to decaffeinated coffee might help you immensely. It did for me. I wasn't blind to the fact that coffee really amped me up in a bad way, but I'm 110% addicted to the stuff. It's what I look forward to during my morning. I drink it everyday at 10 AM with a lot of vegan creamer. It's like a morning dessert that warms my chilly hands, and what's better than that? I haven't given it  up completely...I drink decaf! Yep, I'm that person. The person you think, "Who on Earth is seriously going through the trouble for decaf? No one is drinking decaf! Why does it even exist?" I feel so unbelievably less anxious, fidgety, and heart-pumping. It's insane to now see the effect it had on me. It's decaf all-around these days!

- Kiss My Face Grapefruit & Bergamot Hand Creme. This hand cream has the most sweet and grounding scent. It's silky without being greasy. It's cruelty-free and vegan. But perhaps it's most endearing quality of all...it reminds me of the wonderful trip Todd and I took to Vermont, where I bought it. Scents are said to have one of the most profound memory triggers. Do you have a scent that pulls you back to a serene time and place? I like to use it when I need a little emotional pick-me-up! 

- The public library. Ah yes, what joy it has brought me over the years. However, when I was gifted a Kindle I kind of stopped going to the library...ever. Why would I? With one click I can have the book I want and I don't have to leave the house, find parking, and talk to either the world's nicest or meanest librarian (depending on the day). However, there are some books I don't want to spend the money on and have forever and ever. For example, I've been checking out a lot of home-building books and food photography books lately. Is it time you rekindle your love for the library? I'm excited that I have. To the library!